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Steam School - April 9 & 10, 2022

Each April, The Association holds a weekend steam school at Fairfield View Dairy Farm. It is a two-day course divided into two sessions – classroom and hands on. The purpose of the school is to educate, familiarize and to stress safety measures in the operation and maintenance of steam engines and boilers. Well-qualified and experienced instructors teach the two-day course. All course material and two noonday meals are included in the nominal tuition fee. Each course can handle a maximum of 20 candidates. Tuition is $100.00 for the two day course.

For more information contact: Gil Roberts, P.O. Box 492, Somerset, Va 22972.  Telephone (540) 672-3429 or email: info@somersetsteamandgas.org

Download your Steam School Application here!


2013 Steam School photos.

Students in the classroom learn basic steam engine and boiler components and how to operate a historic boiler safely.

The instructors use a cut-away boiler to demonstrate the components of a historic boiler.

Students are taught maintenance procedures, such as brushing the boiler tubes and cleaning the ash pan before morning fire-up.

A student learns to operate the feed-water injector on the 25HP Gaar-Scott traction engine.

The instructors demonstrate the components and design principles of a 50HP Case traction engine.

Students are given an opportunity to drive the traction engines in the pasture.


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